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Engine Repair

We specialize in Light sport Aircraft, S-LSA, E-LSA, Experimental, Powered Parachute, Trike and Ultralight aircraft. Repair, Maintenance, Overhaul and complete Rebuild solutions.

AirCore Aviation of Washington is a Authorized Independent Rotax Engine Service Center, and can perform all phases including heavy maintenance on your 912 / 914 or Jabiru engines. We are also fully equipped to overhaul all 2-cycle models of Rotax and light aircraft engines.

Our highly-trained and experienced FAA certified team is ready to provide you with the best service in the industry. We are certified for the REPAIR, MAINTENANCE and OVERHAUL of your complete aircraft, and can perform your annual or 100 hour condition inspection services from start to finish. S-LSA ATSM FAA compliant.

Factory Authorized Repair and Service Center for:

Bristell USA Aircraft
Tecnam Aircraft
Flight Design CT Aircraft
SportAir Sting Aircraft

Evektor Aircraft

For More Information on who can legally work on your SLSA ATSM FAA Certified Rotax Powered Aircraft. Click Here.

Anyone can work on light sport, ultra-light and experimental aircraft, but only FAA CERTIFIED mechanics can return your aircraft to service!


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