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Aircore Aviation is a fully-equipped, full-time, full-service, Light Sport Aircraft Center on Arlington WA. Airport. ( KAWO )

We are a Factory Authorized Repair and Service Center for:

Rotax and Jabiru engines
Bristell USA Aircraft
Tecnam North America Aircraft
Flight Design CT Aircraft
Sting Aircraft

Evektor Aircraft

Jim Scott, President grew up in aviation, starting his career at age 14 working at a small airport in Michigan. He soloed on his 16th birthday and was licensed at 17. He has over 1,000 hrs. of flight time in certified aircraft, and over 5,000 hrs. in ultra-light and light sport aircraft.

Jim has been a licensed A&P mechanic since 1977 and has spent over 30 years working in general and corporate aviation. He is a fully accredited A&P with Inspection Authorization (IA). EAA sheet metal workshop and Light Sport Repairman Certification instructor. As co-founder and builder of the Arlington Ultra-light Airpark, Jim trained and soloed over 400 ultra-light students and has built 70 ultra-light and light sport aircraft from kits and plans.

He is very active in the ultra-light and light sport community as a pilot, aircraft owner and mentor to new pilots. Jim has been involved with Rotax aircraft engines since the early 1980's and is a Authorized Independent Rotax Engine Service Center. After 25 years, Jim has retired from being Arlington Washington's annual Fly-in and Airshow manager. But continues to apply his Airshow experience and knowledge as Light Sport Aircraft area Manager and Arlington Fly-in ERT Lead.


Scott Zumwalt, VP was introduced to aviation at a very young age, flying with his father who owned and maintained his own aircraft in the 1960’s. He attended Moses Lake, WA. Big Bend Aviation College in 1981.
He soloed on his 16th birthday, is licensed and endorsed to fly most all of the major SLSA manufactured aircraft.

He continued to hone his attention to detail and craftsmanship with his interest in high performance RC aircraft and Helicopters. He has won many prestige museum awards, National flight competitions and industry leading sponsorships.  Scott’s personal interest in aircraft building and ownership, has honored him with EAA Grand Champion, Champion, and workmanship Aircraft building awards.

His experience gained with electronics and in the aerospace industry, building wind tunnel and radar cross section models; using advanced composites, finishing techniques and close tolerance machining. He brings a very diverse pool of talent and skill sets to complement Aircore Aviation’s known customer satisfaction and Light Sport Aircraft expertise. Scott enjoy's and continues to volunteer his time as EAA aircraft Judge, Light Sport Aircraft area Manager and ERT lead assistant for Arlington Washington's annual Fly-in and airshow.


Aircore Aviation regularly performs maintenance, repairs, annual and 100 hour condition inspections on but not limited to the following aircraft:

Tecnam Aircraft P2004 Bravo, P2002 Sierra, Echo
Piper Pipersport Sportcruiser
Sting Sport
Evektor Sportstars
Flightdesign CT CTLS CTSW
Vans RV-12
Sonex Aircraft
Zenith Aircraft
Jabiru USA J170
Rans Aircraft
Just Aircraft Highlander
Kitfox Aircraft LLC
Kolb Aircraft Company Mark III Firefly
Weight shift trikes
Powered parachutes
And many other types and manufactures of SLSA, ELSA and experimental aircraft.


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